Unfinished Custom Picture Frames Unfinished Custom Picture Frames

Make these frames your own. Make these frames your own.

Our unfinished picture frames let the natural wood and high-quality designs do all the talking. Pair them with your favorite photographs, art prints, or documents to showcase without overshadowing the images. Our entire inventory of unfinished picture frames is handcrafted and built to order. No matter what you're looking to display, we've got the perfect unfinished moulding for you. The styles range from minimal to ornate and each unfinished picture frame is undeniably stunning in its natural state. When you coordinate one of these frames with your existing décor, you add an element of nature that will warm up any space. Let the wood grain and natural tones of our unfinished picture frames add the finishing touches to your home, office, or gallery.

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  1. Holden Holden
    Your memories are naturally nostalgic so why not go for décor that's naturally stunning. Our Holden picture frame is a simple wood frame that allows the natural wood detailing to stand out. Overall, the façade features a blend of distressed ... Read More
    $16.56 $16.56
    • Frame Class: Picture Frame
    • Style: Distressed
    • Piece Width: 1.25
    • Rabbet Depth: 9/16
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