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  • Teacher's Appreciation Gift Idea

    April 17, 2024

    While no one can argue that teachers and education staff should be celebrated by their parents and school boards year-round, Teacher Appreciation Week is officially celebrated at the beginning of May each year. This week is a great time to pamper and thank teachers with snacks, treats and special gifts, including this apple-themed teacher appreciation frame. A personalized frame like this is easy to make as it uses something teachers are very familiar with - school supplies! Follow our tutorial and use our free cut file to personalize a colorful gift for a teacher in your life. 

    teachers appreciate gift supplies


    • 8 x 8” Yellow Frame
    • Black Adhesive Vinyl
    • Cardstock (any color as it’s used for a template)
    • Free Teacher Appreciation SVG Cut File
    • Paper Clips – red and green
    • Pencil (it will become part of the piece, not for marking!)
    • Cricut Machine
    • Transfer Tape
    • Vinyl Weeding Hook and Scraper Tool
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Painter’s tape

    cricut design space screenshot

    First, upload the Teacher Appreciation SVG Cut File to Cricut Design Space.

    teachers appreciation cricut

    Cut out the 3 ruler designs and the separator pieces on black adhesive vinyl as shown on the file. You can also cut out a teacher’s name to personalize your frame gift during this step.

    While you have your Cricut out, also cut the apple template on cardstock. What color cardstock you choose doesn't matter, as it’s not part of the design; it just serves as a guide at a later step.

    teacher appreciation gift weeding

    Weed your vinyl design.

    teachers appreciation gift vinyl

    As shown, use transfer tape to attach it to each of the 3 sides of the yellow frame. If desired, adhere the teacher’s name on the bottom of the frame.

    teachers appreciation gift stencil

    Cut a piece of painter’s tape and press it onto your jeans a few times to make it a lower tack tape. Place the apple template on the backer board of the frame and tape it in place. Tip: Don’t tape it on completely centered but slightly lower to allow for the stem and leaves on the top.

    teachers appreciation gift paperclips

    Begin gluing your red paper clips inside this apple template, overlapping and switching directions to fill in this apple template.

    teacher appreciation gift stem

    Once complete, remove the template and add additional green paper clips and your cut pencil or brown crayon as the stem. 

    teachers appreciation gift idea

    teachers appreciation frame gift idea

    Your teacher appreciation frame is now ready for your favorite teacher! They will undoubtedly love this school supply-inspired frame as an added piece of classroom décor!

    About The Author

    Tara Nehil Headshot Tara Nehil is author of, a lifestyle blog sharing home décor, crafts, party inspiration and parenting lessons learned the hard way. Her graphic design background is evident in the home she lives in and styles with her husband and 2 young daughters. Follow her creative journey for photo tutorials, printables, budget-friendly decorating tips and ways to celebrate occasions big and small.
  • Revitalize Your Space: A Fresh Start for the New Year with Stylish Picture Frames and Wall Art

    December 27, 2023

    Ready to kick off the new year with a burst of style? Well, you're in for a treat. We're diving into the world of frames and wall art – your go-to tools for a refreshed and fabulous living space. Whether you're aiming for sleek modernity, rustic charm, or timeless classics, we've got the frames that'll speak your decor language. Get ready to switch things up, experiment with materials, and find the perfect frames to set the tone for a stylish and invigorating year ahead.

    Choose the Right Frames

    First things first – take a good look at your current frames. Do they vibe with the atmosphere you want for the upcoming year? If not, no worries! It's time to switch things up.

    Explore the wide range of frames that match your decor style. Whether you're into the sleek and modern vibe, the comfy charm of rustic farmhouse aesthetics, or the timeless classics, there's a frame that'll speak to you.

    And here's the fun part – don't shy away from experimenting with different materials. Wood, metal, or acrylic – each brings its unique flair to the frame game. So, let's embark on this frame-hunting journey together and find the perfect picture frames, shadow boxes and canvas frames to kick off a stylish and refreshed new year.

    public domain art

    Refresh with Art Prints

    Looking to add a splash of color and personality to your living space without breaking the bank? Well, art prints are your new best friend! These versatile gems are easy on the pocket and an excellent way to bring fresh vibes into your home.

    Think about what resonates with you – what reflects your personality and captures your aspirations for the year ahead. Whether you're into vibrant abstracts that ignite your creative spirit, serene landscapes that transport you to tranquil places, or motivational quotes that kickstart your day with positivity – art prints are the perfect canvas for your unique taste.

    Now, here's the magic – framing these art prints. It's like adding a pinch of your essence to your surroundings. Explore platforms like Etsy for unique handmade prints or venture into the world of free public domain images for a diverse array of options. So, let's get creative, find those prints that speak to your soul, and frame them up to give your space that personalized, curated charm.

    Elevate with Canvas Art

    Canvas art is the secret sauce for bringing a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair to any room. It's time to think beyond mere decorations and invest in canvas pieces that mirror your unique style and aspirations.

    Whether you're drawn to bold, oversized canvases that make a statement or envision a curated gallery wall that tells your story, the possibilities are endless. Now, here's the fun part – selecting frames! Choose canvas or floater frames that protect your precious canvas art and enhance its overall look and feel.

    eclectic gallery wall

    Create a Gallery Wall

    Ready to transform that blank wall into a dynamic focal point? Let's curate a gallery wall that not only adds flair to your space but also tells the story of you. The beauty lies in the mix and match – blend framed art prints, family photos that warm your heart, and those cherished mementos that hold a world of memories.

    Now, here's where it gets exciting – there are no rules! Whether you prefer an eclectic mix of frames for a bohemian vibe or a clean grid arrangement for a modern touch, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with various frame styles, play around with different sizes, and let your imagination guide you in designing the layout. The goal? Achieving a visually striking and completely personalized display that captures the essence of your unique style.

    So, gather your favorite pieces, let your creativity flow, and turn that blank canvas into a gallery wall that speaks volumes and makes a statement.

    Incorporate Personalized Touches

    Picture this – your space adorned with frames that don't just hold photos but narrate your unique story. Whether it's cherished family moments, the adventures of your travels, or custom artwork that resonates with your soul, personalized frames add warmth and character to your surroundings.

    Why settle for ordinary when you can curate an atmosphere that reflects your personality? Personalized frames and wall art are more than just decorations; they become an extension of who you are. Imagine entering a room that looks beautiful and feels like a sanctuary filled with memories and stories. It's more than decor – it's a glimpse into your world.

    So, why wait? Let's work together to transform your walls into a canvas of memories. Unleash your creativity, bring out those treasured snapshots, and let's craft a space that feels uniquely yours. After all, your home should be a haven that resonates with the beauty of your story.

    And there you have it, folks! We've explored the art of choosing the right frames, refreshed our spaces with vibrant art prints, elevated the ambiance with sophisticated canvas art, and turned blank walls into personalized gallery masterpieces. But we're not stopping there! It's time to add that extra layer of warmth and character with personalized touches. Let's transform your home into a haven that radiates the beauty of your unique story. So, unleash your creativity, gather those cherished memories, and let's craft a space that feels entirely and wonderfully yours. Here's to a fantastic new year filled with style, memories, and a touch of your personality in every frame!

    About The Author

    Brittany DeMauro Headshot Brittany DeMauro is the Creative Director here at With a background in creative writing and a passion for all things DIY, you'll find her in the shop crafting content. She can always find space for a fun gallery wall and loves discovering new artists to display around her home (in custom frames, of course!) When she's not creating content for our brand, she can most likely be found binging shows on Netflix with her two cats.
  • Gift the Memories: Personalized Picture Frames, Shadow Boxes, and Canvas Frames for the Holidays

    November 22, 2023

    The holiday season is a time of joy, gratitude, and sharing heartfelt moments with our loved ones. What better way to celebrate these cherished memories than by giving the gift of personalized picture frames, shadow boxes, and canvas frames? In this blog post, we'll explore the art of thoughtful gifting, showcasing how these customized treasures can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary keepsakes.

    custom picture frame gifts

    Picture Frames

    Picture frames are timeless gifts that capture memories, turning them into tangible treasures. Choose a frame that complements the recipient's style and color preferences, and insert a special photograph with sentimental value whether it's a candid family moment, a memorable vacation snapshot, or a cherished pet portrait, a beautifully framed photograph makes for a meaningful and heartwarming present.

    Family Portraits

    Frame a heartwarming family portrait capturing the love and unity within your family. Personalize it by adding a custom engraving, such as the family name or a meaningful quote.

    Travel Adventures

    Preserve the excitement of travel by framing a collage of ticket stubs, postcards, and small souvenirs from different destinations. Every glance at the frame will bring back memories of unforgettable journeys.

    Graduation Achievements

    Celebrate academic accomplishments by framing diplomas, certificates, or a memorable graduation photo. Engrave the graduation date or the recipient's name for a personal touch.

    wedding mementos shadow box

    Shadow Boxes

    Shadow boxes add depth and creativity to gifting. Encapsulate precious mementos such as concert tickets, handwritten notes, seashells from a beach trip, or even baby shoes within a shadow box. These personalized creations tell a unique story, making them perfect gifts for commemorating milestones, adventures, or shared experiences. A shadow box filled with tokens of affection becomes a conversation piece and a cherished memory all in one.

    Wedding Memories

    Create a shadow box featuring items from a wedding, such as the invitation, a dried bouquet flower, or a piece of the wedding dress fabric. This unique keepsake captures the essence of the special day.

    New Baby Keepsakes

    Preserve precious items from a newborn's early days, such as the hospital bracelet, baby's first onesie, or a lock of hair. A shadow box becomes a time capsule of the baby's arrival.

    Hobbies and Passions

    For hobbyists, consider a shadow box filled with items related to their passion, whether sports memorabilia, crafting tools, or musical instruments. It artistically showcases their interests.

    diy textured canvas art

    Canvas Frames

    Transform digital memories into stunning art pieces by gifting canvas frames. Print a favorite family portrait, a scenic landscape, or an artistic creation onto high-quality canvas and frame it elegantly. Canvas frames add a touch of sophistication to any space and immortalize moments visually strikingly. They make excellent gifts for art enthusiasts, newlyweds, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of personalized wall decor.

    Artistic Creations

    Transform digital artwork, illustrations, or photography into stunning canvas frames. Whether it's an original painting or a digitally designed masterpiece, canvas frames elevate the artwork's impact.

    Landscapes and Sceneries

    Immortalize breathtaking landscapes, seascapes, or cityscapes by printing them on canvas frames. The vivid colors and detailed textures create captivating wall art for any home.

    Family Tree Collage 

    Craft a canvas frame displaying a family tree with photos of ancestors, parents, siblings, and future generations. It's a meaningful gift for family reunions, anniversaries, or milestone birthdays.

    recipe card shadow box gift

    Tips for Thoughtful Gifting

    In gift-giving, a personalized touch elevates a simple gesture to a profound expression of love and appreciation. Custom picture frames, shadow boxes, and canvas frames offer a unique opportunity to encapsulate cherished memories, making them unforgettable gifts. The art lies not just in the frame itself but in the thoughtful details that transform it into a personal treasure. We will delve into the art of thoughtful gifting, exploring many creative ways to enhance your presents with sentimental value. From personalized engravings to matching styles and preserving shared experiences, these tips will help you craft gifts that resonate deeply with your loved ones.

    • Personalize with Engravings: Engraving names, significant dates, or heartfelt messages onto frames adds a layer of sentimentality, turning a beautiful frame into a cherished keepsake that stands the test of time.

    • Match Styles: Choose frames that harmonize with the recipient's home decor. Whether their style is rustic, modern, vintage, or eclectic, a frame that complements their space enhances its visual appeal and ensures it seamlessly blends into their environment.

    • Share Experiences: Frame tokens from shared experiences to create everlasting memories. Include tickets from a memorable concert, a map from a road trip, or even a handwritten recipe from a loved one. These items transform into meaningful art pieces that capture the essence of those precious moments.

    • Incorporate Personal Artwork: Encourage creativity by framing personal artwork, such as sketches, paintings, or poems. Celebrate the recipient's talents and passions, turning their creations into professionally presented masterpieces.

    • Frame Handwritten Letters: Preserve the warmth of handwritten letters by framing them in elegant frames. Whether it's a heartfelt love letter, a note from a grandparent, or a child's scribbles, framing these words immortalizes the emotional connection they carry.

    • Commemorate Milestones: Frame memorabilia from significant life events, such as graduation tassels, baby shoes, or wedding invitations. These framed mementos not only celebrate achievements but also serve as constant reminders of the journey taken.

    In the art of gifting, it's the thought, effort, and attention to detail that transforms a mere present into a heartfelt gesture. By incorporating personalized engravings, matching styles, and preserving shared experiences, you breathe life into your gifts, creating lasting impressions and cherished memories. Whether it's a handwritten letter, a concert ticket, or a piece of personal artwork, these thoughtful touches resonate deeply with the recipients, making giving truly meaningful. So, embrace these tips, infuse your gifts with love, and watch as your thoughtfulness creates moments of joy and connection that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    This holiday season, go beyond ordinary gifts and offer the gift of memories encapsulated in custom frames, shadow boxes, and canvas frames (or a gift card so that the recipient can create their own display.) By transforming moments into tangible art, you're not just giving a frame; you're gifting a piece of the heart. Celebrate the season of giving with these personalized treasures, and let your thoughtfulness shine through in every frame.

    About The Author

    Brittany DeMauro Headshot Brittany DeMauro is the Creative Director here at With a background in creative writing and a passion for all things DIY, you'll find her in the shop crafting content. She can always find space for a fun gallery wall and loves discovering new artists to display around her home (in custom frames, of course!) When she's not creating content for our brand, she can most likely be found binging shows on Netflix with her two cats.
  • Festive Frames and DIY Delights: 4 Holiday Picture Frame Decor Inspirations

    November 08, 2023

    The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by adorning our homes with personalized and imaginative decor? This year, we’ve scoured our online custom framing shop's blog for DIY projects combining holiday-themed picture frames' charm with creative crafting ideas. From delightful scarecrow shadow boxes to heartwarming winter family initial door decor, these projects promise to add a touch of warmth and magic to your home. Let’s dive into the holiday picture frame decor world and get inspired to make this festive season special.

    diy scarecrow shadow boxes

    DIY Scarecrow Shadow Boxes

    As autumn arrives, the countryside transforms with plaid-shirted scarecrows standing proudly in cornfields, their straw hats serving as decoys to ward off hungry birds. These quirky figures have become synonymous with the fall season, symbolizing harvest and abundance. In our DIY Scarecrow Triptych Shadow Boxes project, we bring a whimsical twist to this tradition. Using the warm honey pecan finish of the Auden shadow boxes, we capture the essence of pumpkins and fall foliage in a three-piece artwork perfect for your mantle. Follow our easy steps to add adhesive vinyl faces, using our complimentary template, and embellish them with faux floral accents. Now, your scarecrow has a charming companion, making your autumn decor truly delightful!

    thanksgiving gather wreath

    Thanksgiving Gather Wreath 

    Who says wreaths have to be round? Break free from tradition and get creative this Thanksgiving by crafting a unique wreath using a square or rectangular picture frame as your canvas. Our Arnhem frame, adorned with exotic bamboo details, serves as an excellent foundation for your seasonal home decor. Embrace the richness of fall hues by incorporating warm tones and artificial flowers that complement the frame's elegant gold color. Add a dimensional banner to enhance the overall design. Available in custom sizes, our frames allow you to unleash your creativity fully. Hang your personalized Thanksgiving Gather Wreath in the dining room's gathering area and infuse your home with the vibrant colors of this festive season.

    diy winter family initial door decor

    DIY Winter Family Initial Door Decor

    Ensure your house stands out this winter with a charming display that guides guests, delivery workers, and neighbors to the right place and adds a touch of elegance to your home. Craft a winter solstice-inspired initial door decoration using our Finnegan shadow box, featuring a pristine white finish that complements the farmhouse aesthetic. Enhance the festive vibe with a sprig of faux holly berries in a delightful red, white, and green color scheme. This versatile decor piece can be hung on your door or placed on your mantelpiece for a cozy Christmas ambiance. Our tutorial guides you through the process, demonstrating how to incorporate adhesive vinyl, a lovely ribbon, and faux seasonal accents to create this inviting and festive feature.

    grinch shadow box

    Grinch Shadow Box

    Embrace the charm of the ultimate holiday anti-hero, the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Initially portrayed as a curmudgeon with a heart two sizes too small, this lovable villain undergoes a heartwarming transformation by the story's end. Capture this heart-expanding moment with our Grinch Heart Art, a delightful Christmas decor piece housed in our Gisbert Shadow Box. Utilize our free SVG cut file to craft your own rendition of the Grinch's heart growing three sizes, subtly alluding to the character's heartwarming journey. Let this unique piece add a touch of whimsy and festive spirit to your holiday decor this season.

    These DIY projects allow you to showcase your creativity and offer a fantastic opportunity to repurpose old frames and bring them to life with holiday charm. By combining the art of custom framing with the magic of seasonal crafts, you can create unique, heartwarming decor pieces that reflect the warmth and love of the holiday season.

    So, gather your supplies, pick your favorite frames, and let your creativity shine. Transform your home into a winter wonderland filled with personalized, festive touches that will enchant your guests. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

    About The Author

    Brittany DeMauro Headshot Brittany DeMauro is the Creative Director here at With a background in creative writing and a passion for all things DIY, you'll find her in the shop crafting content. She can always find space for a fun gallery wall and loves discovering new artists to display around her home (in custom frames, of course!) When she's not creating content for our brand, she can most likely be found binging shows on Netflix with her two cats.
  • Hanging Pictures with Precision: The Art of Perfect Height

    October 04, 2023

    One of the most common dilemmas we face when it comes to decorating our walls is getting that perfect height for hanging picture frames. Should they be at eye level, above the furniture, or aligned with architectural elements? Fear not, for we're here to unravel the mysteries of the ideal hanging height. Whether you're adorning your living room, bedroom, or even that tricky stairway wall, we've got the ultimate guide to ensure your artwork is always at its best.

    hanging art at eye level

    Image Credit: @wilsonaesthetic_

    Living Room Elegance: Eye-Level Charm

    Let's start with the heart of your home, the living room. The classic rule of thumb for most spaces is to hang your artwork at eye level. That's about 57 to 60 inches from the floor to the center of the frame. This height ensures that your guests can comfortably view your art without craning their necks. If you're creating a gallery wall or hanging multiple pieces together, keep the centers at this level to maintain a cohesive and visually appealing look.

    Hanging art at eye level isn't just a random placement choice; it's rooted in the fundamental principles of art and human perception. This method is widely considered the standard because it offers numerous benefits, enhancing the space's aesthetics and the viewer's experience.

    1. Connection and Engagement:

    When art is displayed at eye level, it establishes an immediate connection with the viewer. The artwork becomes integral to the conversation, drawing people in naturally. Whether you're displaying a captivating painting, a cherished family photograph, or an intricate sculpture, positioning it at eye level invites individuals to engage with the piece intimately. It's like creating a face-to-face conversation between the viewer and the artwork.

    2. Comfort and Accessibility:

    Placing artwork at eye level ensures that it's easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their height or seating arrangement. Guests can comfortably view and appreciate the art without straining their necks or craning their heads. This inclusive approach is particularly important in spaces where people of varying heights, including children, might be present. Everyone can enjoy the artwork without feeling excluded or uncomfortable.

    3. Visual Balance:

    Hanging art at eye level contributes to the visual balance of the room. When artworks are consistently placed at the same height, they create a harmonious flow, naturally guiding the viewer's gaze. This balance is crucial, especially in spaces where multiple pieces are displayed together, like in gallery walls or curated art collections. Each piece gets its moment in the spotlight while contributing to the room's overall visual appeal.

    4. Focal Point Creation:

    Art positioned at eye level becomes an automatic focal point within the room. Whether you're designing a living room, dining area, or hallway, eye-level art draws attention and anchors the space. It serves as a visual anchor, guiding the viewer's focus and setting the tone for the entire room's ambiance. It's like giving your room a central, artistic soul that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

    5. Psychological Impact:

    On a psychological level, art at eye level is perceived as more personal and intimate. It invites viewers to interact with the artwork on a deeper level, eliciting emotional responses and creating memorable experiences. When people encounter art at their eye level, they are more likely to connect with it emotionally, making the viewing experience more profound and memorable.

    In essence, hanging art at eye level transforms a space into a gallery of personal narratives, where each piece becomes a story waiting to be shared. It's not just about decoration; it's about creating an immersive environment that resonates with everyone who enters the room. So, the next time you're arranging your artwork, consider the power of eye-level placement – it's the key to transforming your space into a haven of artful inspiration.

    hanging art in bedroom above furniture

    Image Credit: @allisonsextoninteriors

    Bedroom Bliss: Above the Furniture

    Hanging art in a bedroom is a great way to add personality and ambiance. The rules can be a little more flexible in the cozy confines of your bedroom. When hanging art above furniture like a bed or a dresser, aim for about 6 to 8 inches above the top edge. This creates a balanced and harmonious appearance. However, if you're working with smaller pieces, like family photos or delicate artwork, feel free to align their centers with your eye level for a more intimate feel.

    Hanging art above furniture is an art form in itself, requiring a thoughtful balance between the artwork, the furniture, and the room's overall aesthetic. You create a visually pleasing and harmonious composition when you position art 6-8 inches above furniture, such as a sofa, sideboard, or bed. Here's why this height is so effective and how it enhances your interior decor:

    1. Establishing Harmony:

    When artwork is hung directly above furniture, the two elements connect seamlessly. Placing the art slightly above the furniture (6-8 inches) creates a visual balance, ensuring that the art and the furniture piece do not visually compete with each other. Instead, they complement and harmonize, enhancing the room's overall aesthetic.

    2. Preventing Overcrowding:

    Positioning art too low, so it directly touches the furniture, can create a cluttered and cramped appearance. You create breathing room by allowing some space between the artwork and the furniture. This approach prevents the room from feeling overcrowded, allowing each element to shine independently while contributing to the cohesive design of the space.

    3. Optimal Viewing Height:

    Art displayed 6-8 inches above furniture maintains an optimal viewing height for individuals standing and sitting. This ensures that the artwork remains easily visible and can be appreciated without obstruction. Whether you're enjoying a conversation on the sofa or seated at a dining table, the art is perfectly positioned for everyone in the room to admire.

    4. Focal Point Enhancement:

    When art is placed slightly above a piece of furniture, it enhances its significance as a focal point in the room. Whether it's a sofa, a console table, or a bed, the furniture becomes a central element, and the artwork above it acts as a captivating accent. This arrangement draws the eye upwards, emphasizing the room's height and adding a touch of verticality to the space.

    5. Creating Visual Layers:

    Introducing layers in interior design adds depth and dimension to a room. Placing art above furniture creates a distinct visual layer, separating the artwork from the furniture and the wall. This layered effect adds visual interest, making the space more dynamic and engaging. It also allows you to play with different textures, colors, and materials, enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

    6. Personalization and Flexibility:

    Hanging art slightly above furniture allows for flexibility in your decor arrangement. You can easily switch out artwork or change the furniture without repositioning everything. This adaptability ensures that your space can evolve with your changing tastes and preferences while maintaining a cohesive and polished look.

    To sum it all up, hanging art 6-8 inches above furniture is a design choice that prioritizes balance, harmony, optimal viewing, and flexibility. It elevates both the art and the furniture, creating a visually pleasing and well-coordinated interior that reflects your unique style and sophistication.

    hanging art slightly above eye level dining room

    Image Credit: @percivalinbloom

    Dining Room Drama: Slightly Above Eye Level

    In dining areas, where your guests tend to be seated, you want your artwork to be visible but not overpowering. Hang your frames slightly above eye level, around 60 to 62 inches from the floor to the center. This height ensures that the artwork remains a focal point without becoming a distraction during meals. If you're decorating a bare wall without furniture, consider creating a dynamic arrangement with various heights to add visual interest.

    Hanging art slightly above eye level is a strategic design choice that can profoundly impact a room's overall aesthetic and atmosphere. Here's why this approach is considered effective and visually appealing:

    1. Avoiding Cramped Spaces:

    Hanging art slightly above eye level prevents a room from feeling cramped or visually overwhelming. When artwork is placed too low, especially in smaller spaces, it can create a closed-in feeling. Raising the art slightly allows the room to breathe, making it feel more spacious and open.

    2. Enhancing Vertical Space:

    By positioning art above eye level, you draw the viewer's gaze upward, emphasizing the verticality of the space. This technique is particularly useful in rooms with low ceilings, as it creates an illusion of height. It adds a sense of grandeur and sophistication to the room, making it visually more appealing and elegant.

    3. Emphasizing Architectural Features:

    Placing art slightly above eye level allows you to emphasize architectural features, such as molding, wainscoting, or decorative panels. It highlights these elements, showcasing the craftsmanship and adding depth to the room's design. You create a harmonious balance between the artwork and the room's architectural details by aligning the art with these features.

    4. Encouraging Interaction:

    Art placed slightly above eye level encourages interaction. Viewers are naturally inclined to raise their gaze when looking at art, creating a more engaging and immersive experience. This interaction invites individuals to explore the details of the artwork, fostering a deeper connection with the piece.

    5. Maintaining Balance and Proportion:

    Achieving balance and proportion in interior design is key to creating a harmonious environment. Placing art slightly above eye level ensures that it complements other elements in the room, such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and architectural details. It prevents the art from overpowering the space or getting lost among other elements, maintaining a sense of equilibrium.

    6. Showcasing Larger Art Pieces:

    For larger artworks, positioning them slightly above eye level allows viewers to appreciate the piece in its entirety without straining their necks. This placement ensures that the art remains the room's focal point, capturing attention and admiration.

    7. Avoiding Visual Clutter:

    Art positioned above eye level avoids visual clutter, especially in rooms with multiple pieces of artwork or decorative elements. Keeping the art slightly elevated ensures that it stands out without creating a chaotic or disorganized visual impact.

    In summary, hanging art slightly above eye level is a design choice that enhances the overall aesthetics of a room. It opens up the space, emphasizes architectural features, encourages interaction, and maintains balance, creating a visually pleasing and inviting atmosphere. This approach allows you to curate a space that is not only beautiful but also thoughtfully designed for maximum impact and enjoyment.

    hanging art in stairway

    Image Credit: @functioningwith_rugrats

    Stairway Statements: Follow the Ascent

    Stairways can be a challenge, but they also offer a fantastic opportunity for a dramatic display. As you ascend the stairs, let your artwork follow the slope. Start with the first piece at the base, aligning its center with your eye level. As you move upward, maintain a consistent distance between the frames, about 6 to 8 inches apart, creating a visually engaging staircase gallery. If your stairwell has a landing, consider treating it as a separate wall and adjust the hanging height accordingly.

    Hanging art in a stairway is a dynamic and creative way to transform what is often an underutilized space into a visually stunning gallery. Here are several compelling reasons why hanging art in a stairway is a brilliant design choice:

    1. Utilizing Vertical Space:

    Stairways provide ample vertical wall space, making them ideal for showcasing art. Utilizing this vertical space can create a striking visual impact that draws the eye upward. This not only adds aesthetic value but also emphasizes the height and openness of the area.

    2. Creating a Focal Point:

    Stairways often serve as a natural focal point within a home due to their central location. You enhance this focal point by adorning the walls with art, making it even more captivating. Eye-catching artwork can transform a mundane staircase into a conversation starter and a memorable feature of your home.

    3. Adding Depth and Dimension:

    Art strategically placed on a stairway wall adds depth and dimension to the space. As you ascend or descend the stairs, the changing perspective creates an ever-shifting tableau, adding intrigue and visual interest. This dynamic quality makes the stairway more engaging and visually appealing.

    4. Showcasing a Story:

    A stairway gallery can be a curated collection of artwork, photographs, or memorabilia that tells a story. Whether it's family photos, travel mementos, or a thematic art collection, the stairway provides an opportunity to showcase your personal narrative. This creates an intimate and meaningful ambiance, turning a simple staircase into a gallery of memories.

    5. Enhancing Architectural Features:

    Stairways often feature interesting architectural elements, such as banisters, railings, or landings. Art can be strategically placed to complement or contrast with these features, enhancing their visual appeal. Artwork can soften the angularity of staircases or emphasize their modern or traditional design, adding an artistic touch to the architectural structure.

    6. Encouraging Exploration:

    A stairway gallery invites exploration. Guests and family members are naturally drawn to observe the artwork as they ascend or descend the stairs. This interactive experience encourages contemplation and discussion, fostering a deeper connection with the displayed pieces. It transforms a functional space into an interactive art installation.

    7. Enhancing Lighting and Ambiance:

    Well-chosen artwork can interact with natural or artificial lighting in the stairway, creating captivating plays of light and shadow. This interaction enhances the ambiance, giving the space a warm and inviting glow during the day and an alluring, dramatic atmosphere in the evening. The interplay of art and light can significantly impact the mood and character of the stairway.

    In summary, hanging art in a stairway is a strategic design choice that maximizes vertical space, creates focal points, adds depth, showcases personal stories, enhances architectural features, encourages exploration, and enhances lighting and ambiance. It transforms a functional space into a visually enchanting and emotionally resonant part of your home, making the stairway a passage and an experience.

    hanging art in unique configurations and heights

    Image Credit: @deeplysouthernhome

    Mixing It Up: Creating Unique Configurations

    When you're working with diverse artwork sizes and configurations, consider mixing up the heights. Play with asymmetry by combining tall and short frames in a cohesive manner. For instance, you could align the tops of shorter frames while keeping the centers of taller frames at eye level. This dynamic approach adds energy and personality to your space, making it feel curated and inviting.

    Hanging art in unique configurations is a trend that has gained significant traction in the realm of interior design and for good reason. Here’s why embracing unconventional arrangements can elevate your space and create a visually captivating environment:

    1. Personal Expression:

    Unique art configurations allow for unparalleled personal expression. It's a chance to move away from traditional symmetrical layouts and create a display that resonates with your individuality. Whether it’s an asymmetrical gallery, a geometric arrangement, or a mix of different art forms, these configurations showcase your distinctive style and creativity.

    2. Dynamic Visual Impact:

    Unconventional art placements infuse a space with energy and dynamism. They break away from the predictable patterns, adding a sense of movement and excitement to the room. Asymmetrical arrangements, for example, can guide the eye around the room, creating a sense of exploration and discovery for anyone entering the space.

    3. Embracing Room Characteristics:

    Unique art configurations allow you to work with the room's characteristics. For instance, traditional symmetrical arrangements might not fit seamlessly in rooms with architectural quirks like alcoves, nooks, or slanted ceilings. Embracing the room’s unique features with creative art placements can turn these challenges into design opportunities.

    4. Creating Focal Points:

    Unique art configurations naturally draw attention. Placing artwork in unexpected places or arranging it in unconventional patterns automatically creates focal points in the room. These focal points become conversation starters, guiding the eyes and conversations of those in the space.

    5. Maximizing Space:

    Traditional art placements might feel limiting in smaller rooms, where every inch counts. You can make the most of available wall space by adopting creative configurations. This might mean placing art at varying heights, using corners effectively, or even integrating art into functional furniture pieces.

    6. Enhancing Theme and Mood:

    Unique art arrangements can be curated to enhance specific themes or moods within a room. For example, a cluster of nature-themed art pieces in an irregular arrangement might create a cozy woodland atmosphere, while a linear arrangement of vibrant abstracts could infuse a room with a modern, energetic vibe.

    7. Mixing Art Forms:

    Embracing unique configurations often involves mixing different art forms like paintings, sculptures, and textiles. This blending of mediums adds texture and depth to the arrangement, making the art display more tactile and visually engaging. It creates a multi-dimensional experience that appeals to both the eyes and the senses.

    In essence, hanging art in unique configurations allows for unparalleled creativity, personalization, and adaptability within your space. It’s an opportunity to break free from conventional constraints, allowing your personality and style to shine through. By embracing the unconventional, you transform your living space into a dynamic, visually stimulating, and deeply personal sanctuary.

    Final Thoughts: Your Art, Your Style

    Remember, these are just guidelines, not strict rules. Your personal style and preferences should always be the guiding force behind your decorating choices. Don't be afraid to experiment, mix heights, and create configurations that resonate with your unique taste. After all, your home is your canvas, and your creativity knows no bounds. So go ahead, hang your art with confidence, and let your walls reflect the masterpiece that is your life. Happy decorating!

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