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About Custom Picture Frames

Every picture tells a story. Every frame sets a tone.

At Custom Picture Frames, we're here to bridge the gap between the store-bought frames that are often generic and boring and the sticker shock of custom framing. We get it. Most of us have artwork we'd love on the wall, but most of the store-bought frames won't do it justice. That’s where we come in. 

With our large inventory of moulding styles, we’re able to handcraft a frame efficiently and affordably. Our framing experts will get right to work crafting your custom, gallery-quality frame. Our top-of-the-line equipment allows us to be meticulous and cost-effective. From our state-of-the-art printers to our professional-quality saws, joiners, and mat cutters, we pay close attention to details to produce products you expect from custom frame artisans at a fraction of the price.

Here at, we make your memories last.

We Got the Goods and the Craftsmanship

We're great framers. Our frames are handcrafted by frame experts to provide a professional finish to your pictures, art prints, and keepsakes. The expense is in the craftsmanship. However, our team has developed a way to maintain the high-quality craftsmanship you’d find at a high-class frame shop while bringing the price below the upper stratosphere.

We take pride in our craftsmanship, and we hold our materials to the highest standards. When we create your custom frame, we want everything from our mouldings to our backings to exceed your expectations. Our mouldings are solid wood. Our matboards are 4-ply thick and come in a variety of colors to fit your needs. We use an acid-free 3/16” thick white foam core board as backing for your frame. Our picture frames and shadow boxes feature frame grade acrylic with UV protection properties to help preserve and protect your images and art from light damage. Your frames will ship right to your door in our specially engineered boxes designed to minimize any damage.

After placing your order, our framing professional gets to work! With great care and the utmost attention to detail, our team works together to handcraft the picture frames, shadow boxes and canvas frames you need in any size or style. Together, our team is helping to make custom framing accessible and affordable for all! 

An Online Retailer Born of Word of Mouth started as a passion project. Initially operating out of his home, our founder and CEO, Anthony Fontana, provided friends and family quality custom framing services without breaking the bank. Then, his friends and family told their friends and family that he was selling his services online soon enough. What started in his home expanded to a full-scale operation.

As continues to grow, our goal remains the same. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality custom framing services that are professional and affordable.