Our Story

Every picture tells a story. Every story deserves a frame. But anyone who's ever looked into custom framing knows it's not cheap. There's a reason too. Custom picture frames are handcrafted by frame experts to provide a professional finish to your pictures, art prints, and keepsakes. You're paying for the craftsmanship. However, Anthony Fontana knew there was a better way.

CustomPictureFrames.com started as a passion project for him. He operated out of his home to provide friends and family quality custom framing services without breaking the bank. Then, his friends and family told their friends and family and soon enough he was selling his services online. What started in his home expanded to a full-scale operation.

He moved his business from his home to a warehouse with enough space to handle the day-to-day operations. There was room for his inventory, shipping department, customer service and workspaces for the frame experts as passionate as he was. Together, they made both a home and a name for themselves in New Jersey. Their continued successes helped to elevate their community. And that led to the need for a home online to allow access to his affordable custom framing options across the country.

His commitment wasn't just to providing affordable custom frames nationwide. It was also focused on bringing life back into the community. Located in Central Jersey, Custom Picture Frames has helped keep the local market flourishing. From the frame experts that produce their high-quality products to the local postal workers, their business is dedicated to making memories last.

As CustomPictureFrames.com continues to grow, the team is still dedicated to one thing: providing high-quality custom framing services that are professional but affordable.