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Abstract Textured Wall Art

April 27, 2022

Allow your art to stand out and stand up with a fun abstract textured wall art piece made with modeling paste. This thick texturing material is the perfect way to create a unique design that can look high-end and store-bought, even though it’s made by your own hands. Have fun building this abstract piece with palette knives, plastic spoons or whatever tools are handy to create this textured look. Once dry and painted to match your room’s theme, frame this stunner piece in a Coleman Floater frame with a nice weathered look.

Textured Abstract Wall Art Supplies


  • Coleman Floater Frame
  • Canvas 11 x 14
  • Modeling Paste
  • Palette Knife
  • Acrylic Paint – silver metallic, blues

Textured Abstract Modeling Paste

Protect your surface and lay your canvas down. Apply a thick layer of modeling paste using a palette knife.

Textured Abstract Art Layered

The thicker you lay it on the canvas, the more depth you can create in the design later. If desired you can mix an acrylic color right into the paint at this stuff, but we prefer overpainting it once dry so it doesn’t dilute the color.

Textured Abstract Art Canvas

Now comes the fun part. Use whatever tools you may have, including your palette knife, to create a pattern. Dip into the layer of modeling paste. Spin. Drag. Poke. Make it a repeat pattern or randomize the impressions. Whatever you do, have fun with the highs and lows you can create in this material.

Allow the modeling paste to fully dry. In the case of these dimensional canvas crafts, like our textured wall art made with joint compound, we tend to wait 24 hours before adding color.

Textured Abstract Art Paint

Let’s paint! We chose to paint the entire surface with one custom blue color as the base.

Textured Abstract Art Silver

Use a dry brush technique to add metallic silver tips to the top of the abstract design. This dual-color design enhances the 3-dimensional look of the canvas.

Abstract Textured Wall Art Final

Once fully dry, secure the textured canvas into your Coleman Floater Frame.

Abstract Textured Wall Art Final Close Up

The dark grey veneer of this wood frame allows virtually any artwork design to blend in seamlessly!

Abstract Textured Wall Art Final Vertical

DIY Abstract Textured Canvas Wall Art Pinterest

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