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Recipe Card Shadow Box

September 07, 2022

No one makes a cheesecake quite like dear old Mema! If you’re lucky enough to get that recipe from her, especially one handwritten in her special cursive style, you may want to commemorate it in a shadow box in your kitchen space. Our Gilbert shadow box, like all our shadow box frames, includes a UV-resistant acrylic, which will protect this irreplaceable piece of family history.

Recipe Card Shadow Box Supplies


  • Gilbert Shadow Box with Cocoa Suede backer
  • Patterned Paper
  • Recipe cards
  • Baking accessories: measuring spoons, cookie cutters
  • Hot Glue

Recipe Card Shadow Box Step 1

While you might be up for framing this piece of family history now, you might want access to these recipe cards in the future. Create your own photo corners by using acid-free patterned paper. Cut strips into ½-inch x 2-inch pieces. Fold the two ends underneath to form a triangle shape, as shown. Slip these pieces on the corner of each recipe card.

Recipe Card Shadow Box Step 2

To mount the cards in the shadow box, apply adhesive on the back of the photo corners only and add to your shadow box backer. Arrange to allow for room for other accessories to add some character and tell a story. The great part about a shadow box is its depth that allows you to add three-dimensional elements!  

Recipe Card Shadow Box Step 3

Adhere accessories, such as vintage cookie cutters or measuring spoons, to the frame using hot glue. Bonus if they’re actually from the recipe writer themselves!

Recipe Card Shadow Box

Mount it in the Gilbert frame with the UV acrylic held in front to prevent it from fading or discoloring.

Recipe Card Shadow Box

Recipe Card Shadow Box Close Up

Display this shadow box in the place where recipes are made, and add it to your kitchen display for an easy read when making that famous Mema cheesecake!

Recipe Box Shadow Box Tutorial Pinterest

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