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Diorama Key Hook

August 18, 2021

Never misplace the keys in your home again with a cute Diorama Key Hook in your entryway or garage. This shadow box may remind you of a dollhouse with its perfectly petite front door piece and modern white brick background but it’s fit for any home space. See how to create this stylish key rack using a white shadow box that goes with any décor style. Our Wentworth frame has a 2-inch deep molding allowing for quite the arrangement of details inside, including your full dollhouse style scene.

Diorama Key Hook Supplies

  • Shadow box: Wentworth 11x 10
  • Cup Hooks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Dollhouse front door
  • Patterned paper
  • Metal Brad
  • Mini Dollhouse Trees

Diorama Key Hook Step 1

Paint your dollhouse front door with acrylic paint colors, as desired. We choose a teal door and white trim for a modern look.

Diorama Key Hook Step 2

Remove the backer from your shadowbox. Cover with patterned paper in the print desired. We chose a modern white brick design.

Diorama Key Hook Step 3

Reinsert backing into the shadow box.

Drill a hole in the door and insert a metal brad to create a doorknob.

If desired, dress up your door front with a vinyl number to mimic your address.

Use a drill bit to create three small holes in the bottom front of the shadow box. Screw your cup hooks into the holes and tighten.

Diorama Key Hook Step 4

Adhere door in place, lining up the bottom of the door frame with the bottom of the shadow box.

Adhere two dolls on each side to make this diorama a little homier.

Diorama Key Hook Final

Add D-Rings and wire to the back and hang it on the wall near your front door or garage space.

Diorama Key Hook Final Close Up

Add your home, shed or car keys on the hooks and never misplace them again!

Diorama Key Hook

Diorama Key Hook

DIY Diorama Key Hook Pinterest

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