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DIY Floral Photo Booth Frame

March 31, 2021

When it comes to modern parties, everyone has a cell phone in hand ready to capture beautiful selfies and group shots to post on the ‘gram. If you’re in charge of the next bridal shower, birthday bash, or Mother’s Day photo session, glam up the photo booth area with a floral frame you can DIY to fit any party vibe.  The ornate pattern of the Aurora frame is the perfect base for this DIY floral project that guests can hold and be the center of attention… literally.  Read on to discover more tips, tricks, and inspiring alternatives to make this photo booth worthy of all the likes.

Floral Photo Booth Supplies


This frame screams modern vintage with the intricate pattern and aged paint application making it the perfect space for floral accents.  The 1 3/8” width of this regal frame allows for some space to add accessories but you still might need a little extra surface space.

Remove Flowers

First, rack your brain for those geometry skills and create two right triangles from heavyweight cardboard. Flip your frame over and use hot glue to adhere them in two opposite corners of the frame.

Next, pop the heads and leaves off the stem set.

Create Holes

Many of these flowers will come off easily and intact but they are not always flat due to the hard centers. If yours are dimensional flowers, like these, punch a hole in the cardboard where you can insert the flowers.

Glue Flowers

Use hot glue to adhere these flowers in the holes on the cardboard. We chose 3 floral clusters in one corner and 2 on the other.

Glue Leaves

Finally, spend some time layering the leaves under the flowers to cover any of the cardboard pieces that were exposed and add some greenery to the frame.

Flower Close Up

Remember: just because you have more, doesn’t mean you have to use it all! Do what looks best to your eye, not what’s in your supply!

Floral Photo Booth Final

Tip: Don’t cover up too much of the frame on the sides to allow adequate space for guests to handle the frame with ease and not wrinkle the accessories.

Floral Photo Booth Models

Using a rectangular shaped frame allows for a photo booth that is both horizontal for two friends or vertical for single selfies.

Floral Photo Booth Prop

Optional: If your venue is outdoors of you have access to an overhead beam or rail, consider hanging this frame so guests walk up to it for photos versus holding it in their hands.

Floral Photo Booth Prop Close Up

Photo Booth Prop Closeup

Floral Photo Booth Prop Models



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