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DIY Mini Clothespin Photo Gallery Frame
DIY Mini Clothespin Photo Gallery Frame

Share all your favorite family memories in one spot with this Mini Clothespin Photo Gallery Frame. Whether you’re looking for a trendy farmhouse look, a modern bohemian vibe, or keep it clean and classy, you can create a mini gallery to fit your home décor style with your choice of frame options. The country-chic style of our Alston picture frame is the perfect base to create a rustic gallery frame for the Fixer Upper look.  Add some painted and distressed clothespins and you’re all set to display photos or mementos in your home in an artful way.

DIY Mini Gallery Frame Supplies


  • 14 x 16” Alston Frame 
  • Mini wood clothespins
  • Cardboard box
  • Acrylic paint – grey and bronze
  • Optional: sandpaper
  • Paintbrush and palette (or paper plate)
  • Twine
  • Drill
  • (6) Screw Eyes

 Painted Clips

To go with the distressed look of our Alston Frame, paint your clothespins with a similar effect.  Clip your clothespins onto a box so it’s easy to paint both sides. Paint with a layer of grey paint to cover.

Put just a little bronze paint on your brush and dab it off on a piece of scrap paper. Lightly brush your clothespins to leave light streaks, but not enough to cover the surface. This creates an aging effect.

If you felt too much was put on in certain areas, use a piece of sandpaper to rub some off and create the desired distressed effect.

Marks on Frame

Turn your fame face down and use a ruler and pencil to mark 3 holes on the left and 3 holes on the right side. Do your best to make sure they are even!

Screw eyes into holes

Drill a small hole on each mark.

Screw the screw eyes into these holes.

String Twine Across

Tie (3) pieces of twine to each screw eye, attaching it to the other on the other side.

Mini Clothesline Gallery Frame

Once secured, your mini gallery is ready to be filled. Clip your recent favorite photos or treasured family portraits onto the twine strings. If desired, you could also clip memorabilia or letter cutouts spelling a special message.

Final Gallery Frame Cropped

Consider creating this mini gallery frame as a gift for Mother’s Day, as an accessory for a first birthday party, or to display photos through the years at a graduation celebration!

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