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Seashell Embroidered Canvas

July 21, 2021

Embroidery thread is not just for your grandma’s needlepoint projects anymore! The classic craft of embroidery can be completed on cotton fabrics, denim, and even a painter’s canvas to create mixed media art. See us upgrade the basic white basic canvas into something full of texture and color using this thread type and a little acrylic paint that can be hung in your home.  

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Supplies

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Step 1

Add some color into your embroidered canvas piece by first painting a few areas of the canvas with solid color blocks. Choose colors in your room or ones that relate to your theme.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Step 2

Once dry, lay your paper template on your canvas. Tip: use painter’s tape to hold in place for the next step.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Step 3

Use an embroidery needle to create holes in the template in strategic areas. Start with any corners or edge of your design and add additional holes in set increments of space. Flip the template up to double check which areas you’re missing as you lay these plans out.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Step 4

Remove the template and thread your needle with your desired embroidery floss color. Tip: you may need to separate your embroidery floss threads so it’s not too thick and won’t rip your canvas. We separated this 6 strand set into two groups of 3 when workings on our seashell design.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Close Up

Follow the seashell outline using a basic backstitch.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Horizontal

Once complete insert your canvas in a shadow box, such as the Murphy style using canvas clips. This 1.5-inch deep molding allows your new artwork display to stand out from the wall. Its sophisticated design will coordinate flawlessly within any space and with any embroidered canvas theme.

Seashell Embroidered Canvas Vertical

DIY Seashell Embroidered Canvas Pinterest Image

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