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Vertical Succulent Garden

March 17, 2021

Do you love the look of an indoor garden but have a black thumb? Create your own Vertical Succulents Garden to bring some greenery indoors without worrying about killing another plant. Succulents naturally grow in dry, desert areas, but you can care for them in any environment when they're of the faux variety. The brilliant colors and unique designs of your succulent assortment are bound to stand out inside the natural wood detailing of the Holden picture frame. The 1 ¼” moulding creates a border around this rainbow of ornamental plants, making it the perfect wall accessory to liven up your office space!

Vertical Succulent Garden Supplies


Vertical Succulent Garden Foam

To create this DIY Vertical Succulents Garden Frame, use a serrated knife to cut your foam sheet to fit within your frame. Use hot glue to secure it in place inside the Holden picture frame.

Vertical Succulent Garden Picks

Arrange your succulent plants within this framed space in your desired arrangement. If they’re colorful, consider creating an ombre rainbow effect! Insert these into the foam, using more hot glue to secure them.

Vertical Succulent Garden Filled

Don’t feel like you need to cover the full space. Attach dried moss to any exposed areas to cover the foam and create a dessert oasis effect on your frame.

Vertical Succulent Garden Final

To hang, attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the frame and display it in your office space!

Vertical Succulent Garden Closeup

Vertical Succulent Garden Final

Now, when you’re stuck working the good old 9 to 5 in your cold office environment, you can look over and admire a little bit of the outdoors in your newly created vertical succulent garden.

Vertical Succulent Garden Pinterest

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