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Wedding Song Anniversary Gift

There’s something so special and magical about your first dance as a couple as it’s a song that may continue to hear throughout your lives together. Make those words part of your home life with an anniversary frame featuring those fateful lyrics framed with a collage from your big day. Our Annie frame is a timeless piece of rose gold that matches most warm tones in the home.  Consider filling this metallic molded frame with pieces of your wedding, such as lyrics to your wedding song, a memorable photo, your veil, dried flowers or special keepsake and add a vinyl phrase on top to add more to this mixed media piece of home décor.


  • Frame: Annie 18x20 
  • Music sheets
  • Permanent Adhesive Vinyl
  • Adhesive
  • Stamp pad
  • Photos
  • Large decorative paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper

Wedding Song Gift Step 1

Use a butter knife to pry open the backer board from your frame and remove the backer entirely. Cover with your large decorative paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper to create a fun design for your piece.

Next, try to plan your arrangement. You might choose to try and fit the full music sheet of lyrics in your frame or just some key lines that state your feelings. If the sheets are too long, consider cutting it up and packing it a little tighter in your collage.

Wedding Song Gift Step 2

To create an aged effect we inked the edges of the music sheet strips with a brown stamp pad.

Adhere your photos in place and add the aged music sheet strips on top. For this piece, or any that include photos, invest in archival safe dry adhesives vs. a liquid adhesive. You can typically find these in the scrapbooking aisle at your local craft store.

Wedding Song Gift Step 3

Peel the front and back covers from your acrylic pieces for the frame and add them back in the frame. Lay your decorated wedding anniversary piece inside and lose the prongs to secure. To add a little dimension and interest, we are adding a permanent vinyl cut out on the OUTSIDE of the frame.

Wedding Song Gift Final

Tip: use transfer tape and a scraper tool to apply the vinyl to the front of your frame. This way, our silver glitter design stands out and can be seen by all viewers in your home.

Wedding Song Gift Close Up

Display this rose gold frame wedding anniversary gift in your bedroom or a main area in your home. Admire the changes in life, but also the differences in both photos out on display.

Wedding Song Gift Vertical Angled

Wedding Song Gift Couple

Wedding Song Anniversary Gift Idea Pinterest

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