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Wood Block Mosaic Wall Art

March 23, 2022

YOU can create art. Yes, YOU, dear reader are an artist! Even if picking up a paintbrush isn’t for you, there are many ways to express yourself to create art for your home. Look around and you might be surprised where inspiration strikes! We found inspiration in the craft aisle of our local dollar store where we picked up a few packs of mini wood blocks and created a unique wooden block mosaic wall art! Get inspired to embrace the imperfections of wood blocks that look strong in a chunky Artic Flat frame. 

Wood Block Mosaic Supplies


  • Frame
  • Wood Blocks
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Wood Block Mosaic Blocks

Pour out your wood blocks. You might notice some inconsistencies in texture, color, wood grain or might even find some knots or holes. All these imperfections will make your piece even more unique so embrace them in your piece!

Wood Block Mosaic Glue Blocks

Arrange your wood blocks on the frame. Then apply glue and place them down. We did this one row at a time since hot glue isn’t always very forgiving.

Wood Block Mosaic Art Closeup

Add the hanging hardware and add to your wall space.

Wood Block Mosaic Vertical

We took advantage of this tall, skinny spot in a bedroom and create a mosaic of wood blocks that seem to dissolve at the top. Not bad for only $8 of wood blocks!    

Wood Block Mosaic Art Vertical Angled

Wood Block Mosaic Art Full Room

Wood Block Mosaic Art Pinterest

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