The Details

We take pride in our craftsmanship so that means we hold our materials to the highest of standards. We want everything from our mouldings to our backings to exceed your expectations.

The Mouldings

Our mouldings are crafted from solid wood. That makes our frames strong and sturdy. In some mouldings, you can even see the beautiful wood grain shining through the high-quality finishes. The bottom line is, you won't find imitation wood or polystyrene options in our extensive moulding inventory.

The Matting

Adding a mat to your picture frame gives it a polished finish. Our matboards are 4-ply thick and come in a variety of colors to fit your needs. We also offer the option include single, double or triple mat. In addition to our range of colors, we also offer mats that feature suede, basketball and football textures.

The Backing

Although sometimes overlooked, having the right backing to your frame is crucial. We include an acid-free 3/16” thick white foam core board with your frame.

The Glass

You'll also see this referred to as glazing when browsing through framing options. It's important to note that our glass isn't actually glass. Our picture frames and shadow boxes feature frame grade acrylic. We use acrylic instead of glass for a number of benefits. For one, acrylic is much more shatter resistant. Frames featuring acrylic glazing are also much more lightweight. In addition to those points, acrylic is less expensive than glass so we're able to pass through those savings to you, the customer.

There are two options when it comes to the acrylic we offer for picture frames. Option one is a standard frame grade acrylic with UV protection properties. The UV protection will help preserve and protect your images and art from light damage. Option two is a non-glare frame grade acrylic. This is a great option for hanging artwork near a light source to cut down on, and in most cases eliminate glare. Non-glare acrylic has a cloudy appearance when it's in a frame but against artwork and/or matting, the cloudiness disappears leaving you with a crisp, glare-free view of your image or artwork. For this reason, we do not offer this non-glare acrylic as an option for shadow boxes.

The Machines

We utilize top of the line machines to handcraft your frames. Our state of the art miter saw is specifically manufactured for cutting picture frames. It is equipped with 14", 100-tooth, carbide tipped blades. Our blades are professionally sharpened weekly to ensure crisp cuts so that there is no chance of chipping the moulding. Once cut to order, the corners of our frames are glued and v-nailed by our frame professionals.

The Packing Material

After all of our hard work, the last thing we wanted was for our handcrafted frames to be damaged in transit. For that reason, we designed and manufactured our own boxes to minimize any damage.

Have any other questions about our materials or process? Contact us today!