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Framing style guide

Whether you're having a picture framed for the first time or you're a seasoned professional with custom framing, it's important to know what to look for. You can narrow our huge selection of frames down by filtering by style. With the help of this style guide, we hope to make your custom framing experience a breeze. Find out frames are right for your space!

Midcentury modern

Midcentury modern design is sleek and timeless. Compared to previous trends, midcentury décor is understated, featuring clean lines and minimal fuss. Pieces are geometric and organic using natural materials like wood, metal and leather. Functionality is just as important as beauty with this style.

Stick with sleek and minimal picture frames. Solid colors are great for making a statement but natural wood tone frames will keep your decorations truer to the mid-Century modern fundamentals.

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Room in midcentury modern style


Traditional décor is elegant and classic, with inspiration dating all the way back to the 18th century. From floor to ceiling, the details are everything. Fabrics usually feature florals, small all-over patterns, muted plaids and plain colors. Symmetry is also a defining element of traditional style.

You could make a statement with ornate mouldings. But you can also play it safe with rich, wood tones. Typical traditional frames feature a sloped design that helps to lead all eyes to the photograph or art framed within.

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Room in traditional styles


Contemporary design borrows elements from other styles like Modernism, Postmodernism, and Art Deco. You'll find a lot of clean lines and a celebration of bold starkness. As long as the space is simple and uncluttered, don’t be afraid to shy away from black and white and include splashes of color from all across the color wheel.

Solid colors are key to create a contemporary space. As long as the moulding features a solid finish, you could go with anything from ornate to minimal. That's the beauty of a contemporary style!

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Room in contemporary style

Shabby Chic

No design theme is cozier than shabby chic! Also known as vintage chic or country chic, the shabby chic interior design borrows elements from the past and uses mixed mediums and textures. From wood to metals, patterns to solids, there are no set rules on how to put together a shabby chic space.

Distressed frames will blend with the space best, however clean lines are an acceptable alternative. Stick with whites and greys to really make your art pop in your shabby chic home.

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Room in Shabby Chic style


Industrial interior design is the rawest décor theme on the scene today. It exposes all the building materials that many aim to hide. From exposed pipes and ducts to stainless steel support beams, there's a beauty in the unfinished aesthetic. The combination of wood and metal looks natural in an industrial setting.

Worn and distressed wood picture frames coordinate perfectly with the polished metals. When it comes to colors, keep them natural and neutral to pair with the pipes and wood features in industrial spaces.

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Room in Industrial style


The minimalist design route will help keep any room feeling fresh and free. The decorations and furniture each have a significant purpose and meaning. Living the “less is more” lifestyle can still be visually appealing. Add accents that blend seamlessly with the rest of the room focusing on organic silhouettes and natural hues.

You'll want to stick to clean lines and neutral tones. Picture frames with flat facades and natural finishes paired with simple art, like line drawings, typography prints or organic shapes will add those finishing touches to your minimalist space.

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Room in Minimalist style


Scandinavian interior design features clean lines, unfinished charm and a neutral color scheme. More is key with the Scandinavian look. More textures, more fabrics, more furniture, more decorations. But keep the colors muted and the lines clean for a space that's functional and timeless.

Keep your frames simple and neutral to allow the art to stand out. Think sleek, minimal and natural to coordinate with your functional furniture and complement the fabrics and textures in your Scandanavian space.

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Room in Scandinavian style


For a space full of life and culture, look no further than bohemian interior design. Things that work best in bohemian spaces are treasures, trinkets and furniture that look like it was collected over time from all over the world featuring bold, earthy tones, intricate patterns and mixed textures and mediums.

Our selection of metallic and bamboo frames is perfect for adding some shine to your bohemian getaway. Pair textured and ornate mouldings with pictures and art from around the world to bring your boho space to life!

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