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Seashell Collage Shadow Box

Bring the outside in with a fun shadow box idea that uses all those trinkets or natural elements you collected on your last beach vacation. Our Waverly shadow box features a neutral color palette that pairs nicely with pieces of the ocean, like seashells and driftwood, or would allow your Nana’s collection of custom pins to stand out. Follow along to find tips on creating a piece of art in your home using pieces of your journey in life!

Seashell Collage Supplies

Seashell Collage Step 1

This project would not be more simple! The hardest step is to find the true arrangement of shells you’ll love hung in your home. If you plan to display shells from your seaside findings, make sure you clean and dry them really well to avoid the sea smell from coming into your bedroom space.

Tips for cleaning shells: Rinse shells under running water and use an old toothbrush to clean out any ocean debris. Next, you can choose to soak your shells in hydrogen peroxide or if you’re daring, a mixture of equal parts water and bleach, for one hour. Note: bleach may change the color of the shell and also absorb the smell! Allow to dry thoroughly before working on the display.

Seashell Collage Step 2

When it comes time to creating your design, we suggest removing the backing of the shadowbox and laying it flat. Arrange your shells in different configurations until you’re satisfied with the display.

Seashell Collage Close Up

Use E6000 glue or hot glue to secure the shells in your desired display.

Seashell Collage Shadow Box

Use a screwdriver to add hangers on the back of the frame and display in your home.

The linen background option of our frames and shadow boxes allows you to bring a bit of nature and subtle texture into your framed piece. This neutral backdrop is especially beautiful to make white seashells stand out in the frame, as shared in this Waverly design.

Seashell Wall Art

Seashell Wall Art Room

This seashell collage pairs well with other pieces beach-themed designs, such as the Seashell Embroidered Canvas previously shared.

DIY Seashell Collage Shadow Box Pinterest

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