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Minimalism is a movement that’s here to stay. But you don’t have to go minimal when displaying your pictures, art prints or documents. Let the frame do the work for you, like our Bianca picture frame. It’s white and made of natural wood but it’s the design that makes it perfect for a minimalist’s lifestyle. The 3/4 inch wide moulding is sleek and simple. Coming from our Time Honored collection, this frame is the ideal choice for certificates, movie posters, sports shots or even displaying your Instagram pictures. The minimalist design is what makes it so versatile. The subject matter it frames isn’t the only reason it’s versatile. Thanks to the subtle blend of contemporary and traditional features, this frame is perfect for offices, living rooms, bedrooms and even galleries. The important thing to remember when shopping for a frame is to make sure it doesn’t overshadow the image. That’s why this Bianca Picture Frame should be your top choice to coordinate seamlessly with your décor.

How It Works

  1. 01. Select the service

    Decide if you want to build a custom frame or use our full print & frame service.

  2. 02. Choose your style

    Choose from our selection of colors and styles to create your custom frame.

  3. 03. Customize your frame

    Customize the size, mat options, glass type and hanging choices to fit your needs.

  4. 04. Preview & order

    Preview your frame in real time before finalizing your order and sending it off to our framing experts to create and ship.


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