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DIY Scarecrow Shadow Boxes

September 15, 2021

Drive by any cornfield this fall and you’ll find a plaid shirt, straw hat decoy centered in the field.  These quirky scarecrows scared away birds from eating the crops, making them a recognizable symbol for autumn.  It isn’t often that scarecrows are found with a scarecrow friend so give them one with these DIY scarecrow Triptych Shadowboxes. The honey pecan finish of the Auden shadowboxes brings on the pumpkin vibes of this three-piece artwork fit for your fall mantle.  See how to add adhesive vinyl faces using our free template and faux floral accents to complete the look!

DIY Scarecrow Shadow Boxes Supplies


Frames with Burlap

Remove the backing from the honey pecan shadowboxes. Cut pieces of patterned paper to cover the back.

Cut Vinyl

Use a cutting machine or X-Acto knife to cut scarecrow faces from the different vinyl colors.

Arrange Vinyl Pieces

Arrange the pieces so you have them set for each of the three frames.

Vinyl Transfer Tape

The easiest way to transfer the vinyl shapes onto the frames is to use a piece of transfer tape and a scraper. Apply the transfer tape over the vinyl shape and rub it with the scraper. Peel the backing away so that the vinyl is now attached to the sticky tape. Place the vinyl onto the frame in place, using the scraper to smooth and apply firmly.

Apply Scarecrow Faces

Repeat to apply all vinyl shapes onto the frames to create your scarecrow faces.

Add Scarecrow Accents

Complete the design by attaching faux floral accents to the top of the Auden shadowboxes using hot glue.

Scarecrow Shadow Boxes Final

Scarecrow Shadow Boxes Closeup

Scarecrow Shadow Box

Scarecrow Shadow Boxes Full Mantle

Display your scarecrow triptych up on a mantle or in an entryway to welcome autumn!

Right Scarecrow Single

Scarecrow Shadow Boxes angled

All 3 Scarecrow Shadow Boxes

Left Scarecrow Shadow Box Single

Your scarecrow family will fit right in amongst the fall décor and all things pumpkin.

DIY Scarecrow Shadow Boxes Pinterest

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