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DIY Sports Ribbon Frame

June 19, 2024

You’ve spent countless hours practicing drills, drove hundreds of miles to get to games and matches, and sweat and sacrifice resulted in lots of metals and trophies! Don’t stuff your hard earned metals in a drawer or haphazardly sling them on your bed post. Instead, follow this simple DIY to proudly display your precious collection of sports memorabilia! Learn how to turn any frame base into a Hanging Sports Ribbon Frame for your wall.

sports ribbon frame supplies


  • 22” x 18” Frame (I used Lindley for this project.)
  • Cup Hooks
  • Drill with small drill bit
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Rubber mallet
  • Hanging Hardware

metals to frame

First, collect your ribbons and figure out a rough arrangement on how you’ll hang them on the frame and how long of a frame you’ll need.

mark your frame for ribbons

Measure the ribbon widths to get a better idea on how far to space the hooks apart and use a pencil to create marks. We spaced ours 1.5 inches apart.

ribbon frame DIY

Add your drill bit to your frame but we have a great tip to lessen the chance of drilling through the frame. Measure the length of the screw part of your cup hook. Apply tape around your drill bit slightly shorter than this length.

drilling holes for the ribbon frame

drilling holes in diy frame

When drilling holes into the frame, only drill up to the tape marking.

hooks for DIY ribbon frame

Screw in the cup hooks in these holes.

diy ribbon frame backing

Add hanging hardware to the back of your frame.

Sports Ribbon Frame Display

Sports Ribbon Frame Display

DIY Sports Ribbon Display

DIY ribbon frame display

Hang your frame in your home. Tip: Due to the extra weight of the metals on this frame, you might to add double hardware pieces on the back or add a more heavy duty security hanger to the back and/or use drywall anchors to help secure it in place.

sports ribbon display

display your sports ribbons

Hang your ribbons on each of the hooks.

diy sports ribbon display

diy sports ribbon frame

sports ribbon display frame

sports ribbon frame

display your sports ribbons

Whether it’s a participation ribbon or one earned after a weeklong tournament, this personal memorabilia can easily be displayed in your home. Display it along with your other sports trophies, gifts or game balls to keep your collection together.

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