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Framing Your Diploma or Degree: A Guide to Showcase Your Achievements

June 07, 2023

Your diploma or degree represents years of hard work, dedication, and academic achievement. It's a symbol of your educational journey and a testament to your skills and knowledge. Framing your diploma preserves its integrity and allows you to display it as a visual reminder of your accomplishments proudly.  Keep reading as we delve into the art of framing diplomas and degrees and provide a list of common diploma sizes to help you select the perfect frame.

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Why Frame Your Diploma or Degree?

Framing your diploma or degree serves several purposes. Firstly, it protects the document from potential damage, such as creasing, fading, or moisture. Secondly, it elevates the document's visual appeal, transforming it into an attractive display that can be showcased in your home or office. Lastly, framing your diploma or degree allows you to celebrate and share your achievements with others.

List of Common Diploma Sizes

When selecting a frame for your diploma or degree, choosing the right size that accommodates your document perfectly is essential. Here are some of the most common diploma sizes:

  1. 8.5" x 11": This size is standard for most US letter-sized diplomas and is commonly used for high school diplomas, college degrees, and certifications.

  2. 11" x 14": This size is often used for larger diplomas, such as law degrees or master's degrees. It provides a slightly larger display area and allows for additional matting if desired.

  3. A4 (8.27" x 11.69"): A4 is the standard paper size used in many countries, including most of Europe. Diplomas from universities in these regions often conform to this size.

  4. 14" x 17": This size suits larger and more elaborate diplomas, such as doctoral degrees or honorary certificates. The additional space offers flexibility for various framing styles and matting options.

  5. Custom Sizes: Some institutions may issue diplomas in unique sizes or dimensions. If your diploma does not conform to standard sizes, consider custom framing to ensure a perfect fit. 

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Tips for Framing Your Diploma or Degree

  1. Choose a High-Quality Frame: Opt for a frame made from durable materials such as wood or metal to ensure longevity. Avoid frames that contain harmful chemicals or materials that could damage your document.

  2. Acid-Free Matting: Matting adds visual appeal and protects your diploma from touching the glazing directly. Select acid-free matting to prevent yellowing or discoloration over time.

  3. UV-Protective Glazing: Use glazing that protects your diploma from harmful sunlight, preventing fading and discoloration.

  4. Mounting Techniques: Use archival mounting materials, such as acid-free corners or hinging tape, to secure your diploma without causing damage. Avoid using adhesives directly on the document.

  5. Professional Framing: If you're unsure about framing your diploma, consider seeking professional framing services. They have expertise in handling delicate documents and can guide you in choosing the right frame and materials. Contact one of our frame experts to learn more about framing your documents. 

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Framing your diploma or degree is a meaningful way to honor your educational achievements and showcase them in a visually appealing manner. By selecting the appropriate frame size, using high-quality materials, and following proper framing techniques, you can preserve the integrity of your document and create a stunning display that captures the significance of your accomplishments. So frame your diploma with pride and let it serve as a constant reminder of your educational journey.

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