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They say that all that's glitter is not gold but we're here to prove them wrong. Our Garrin Gold picture frame might look like it's too good to be true but you can easily showcase your cherished memories around your home or office in it. It features a bright finish and clean lines. It's easy to see why this frame is a timeless addition to your traditional décor. The gold finish is sure to warm up any room. Subtle texture is created by the clean lines that border the frame. At 1 1/8 inch wide, the moulding is the perfect width to showcase your images. It perfect for displaying all of your prized documents around the office or for showcasing your cherished memories around the house. The pairing possibilities are endless with this traditional frame. Our Garrison Gold Picture Frame is far from too good to be true. See how flawlessly this high-quality picture frame coordinates with decorations!

How It Works

  1. 01. Select the service

    Decide if you want to build a custom frame or use our full print & frame service.

  2. 02. Choose your style

    Choose from our selection of colors and styles to create your custom frame.

  3. 03. Customize your frame

    Customize the size, mat options, glass type and hanging choices to fit your needs.

  4. 04. Preview & order

    Preview your frame in real time before finalizing your order and sending it off to our framing experts to create and ship.


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