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Grinch Shadow Box

December 01, 2021

Everyone loves a bad guy, and the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas is no exception. This vile creature starts the book (and subsequent movies) as the meanest curmudgeon who despises happy people and prefers alone time with my loyal pal, Max. By the end, he’s discovered the true meaning of Christmas, and it’s said his heart grew three sizes that day. Create a piece of Christmas décor that hints at that black banana with Grinch Heart Art using our free SVG cut file housed in our Gisbert Shadow Box

Grinch Shadow Box Supplies


Grinch Shadow Box Step 1

This shadow box is created using a cutting machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette, cardstock and our SVG cut file. Upload into your design space and cut each piece using assorted colors of green and the smallest one in red.

Grinch Shadow Box Step 2

Remove the backer from your shadow box and adhere a green piece of cardstock. Begin layering the green pieces with the negative heart shape onto the backer using foam adhesive to provide some height. This really reinforces the idea of the heart growing in size.

Grinch Shadow Box Close Up

Adhere the red heart in the center also using the foam adhesive.

Grinch Holiday Decorations

Grinch Shadow Box

Reassemble the Gisbert Shadow Box, and your Grinch Christmas Decor is ready to display! Grab our Grinch Christmas design printable and add in another complementary farmhouse style frame, like our Kingsley White frame and place it near your Grinch Heart Shadow Box. 

Grinch Shadow Box Collection

Display your Grinch-themed designs anywhere you need a little Christmas spirit. Find more Grinch inspiration here!

Grinch Shadow Box Pinterest

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