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Mastering the Art of Wall Picture Groupings: Your Guide to Stunning Displays

September 27, 2023

If you've ever stared at your blank wall, unsure of how to transform it into a captivating gallery, you're not alone. The world of wall picture groupings can be a bit like a puzzle – exciting but challenging. Fear not, because we're here to be your artful guides, sharing some fantastic tips and tricks to help you create visually stunning displays that tell your unique story.

Gallery Wall Starting Point

1. Find Your Starting Point

Every masterpiece begins with a blank canvas; in this case, your blank wall is your canvas. Before hammering nails or putting up adhesive strips, step back and envision what you want to achieve. Consider the room's ambiance and your personal style. Are you going for a symmetrical, balanced look, or do you want to embrace an eclectic, free-spirited vibe? Finding your starting point is like choosing the color palette for your artistic creation.

Measuring for a Gallery Wall

2. The Center of Attention

Just like the focal point in a painting, the center of your artwork should grab attention. We recommend following the "At 60 inches on Center" rule, where the midpoint of your art is always at 60 inches (or around eye level). This ensures that your artwork is easily viewable and creates a harmonious balance in the room. Remember that the one big no-no is diagonal hanging, except over stairways – we want to maintain that eye-level goal.

all white gallery wall

3. Cohesion is Key

Creating a sense of cohesion in your picture grouping is like harmonizing different notes in a symphony. To achieve this, consider using similar mats and frames. This creates an overall sense of consistency and ties the pieces together, even if they vary in color, size, or subject matter. Cohesion is your secret weapon to prevent chaos and maintain a unified look.

eclectic gallery wall

4. Embrace Variety

While cohesion is essential, don't be afraid to embrace variety. Think of it as adding different instruments to your musical composition. Grouping pieces with common themes, typography, oil paintings, black-and-white photography, or even mixed media can add depth and interest to your display. Variety keeps things exciting and allows you to showcase your diverse tastes.

5. Playing with Size and Scale

Creating visual interest in your gallery is all about playing with size and scale. Consider using even numbers of pieces for larger rooms to achieve symmetry and balance. In contrast, uneven numbers work wonders for anchoring furniture and offering a sense of volume without overcrowding. Just remember, when displaying larger pieces, keep them within 2-3 inches of each other for that polished, Pinterest-worthy look.

gallery wall inspiration

6. The Gallery Look

If you're aiming for a crisp, museum-like effect, envision an imaginary line at that magical 60 inches above the floor and center your art around it. For this look, sleek, black gallery frames with large white mats work wonders. It's clean, sophisticated, and timeless. When hanging multiple sizes together, always place the larger piece on the left side of the group – it's more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

family gallery wall

7. Crafting Collages and Stories

Sometimes, you want your wall to do more than display art – you want it to tell a story. Enter collage picture frames. These versatile frames are like chapters in your visual narrative. You can create mini self-contained gallery walls or incorporate them into larger groupings for added depth and storytelling. Don't limit yourself to family photos; art pieces, typography, and fine art photos can also become part of your narrative.

gallery wall frames

8. Beyond the Frame

Frames aren't just for holding art; they can be art themselves! With an array of frame options, you can express your unique style and add depth and texture to your walls. Gilded, painted, rustic barnwood, or sleek and modern – frames can make a statement all on their own, whether they're holding art or not.

triptych framed art

Image Credit: Rebecca King Art

9. Think Outside the Frame

Sometimes, one image deserves to be larger than life. Don't be afraid to think outside the frame. If a single picture can't contain the beauty of your art, spread it across multiple frames. You can work with our team to print your images in portions or frame them separately. Hanging them in a row creates a captivating triptych, becoming a focal point and a conversation piece.

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Image Credit: Real Simple

10. Embrace Eclectic Chaos

For those who love the bohemian feel or want to create an informal, inviting atmosphere, embracing eclectic chaos is the way to go. This technique involves mixing and matching frames, plaques, 3D art, mirrors, and whatever sparks your imagination. From large to small, squares to circles, sculptures to sconces – if you love it, display it. Soon, you'll have a wall that's impossible to look away from.

So there you have it, our artful guide to mastering the art of wall picture groupings. Whether you're creating a symphony of frames or an eclectic collage, remember that your wall is your canvas, and you are the artist. Have fun, get creative, and let your walls tell your unique story!

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