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Nostalgia is the driving force behind every image. From your favorite art prints to your family photographs, there are feelings that come up when you gaze upon them. We wouldn’t display things if they didn’t make us feel something. But with the help of our Ryder Floater Frame, you won't just display your canvases. You'll showcase them in style. This silver piece really shines. At 1 inch wide by 1 inch deep, this natural wood frame is traditional with a modern spin. The moulding is just wide enough to add those finishing touches to your family photos or fine art prints but it won't overshadow your images. With the help of the 1/4 inch lip, this frame will make your canvases look like they're floating within like you commonly see in art galleries. While it's a common piece to find in art galleries, it’s versatile enough to look right at home in your home or office. The pairing possibilities are endless when it comes to showcasing this frame around your home or in your office. Keep the nostalgia front and center with the help of our Ryder Float Frame.

How It Works

  1. 01. Select the service

    Decide if you want to build a custom frame or use our full print & frame service.

  2. 02. Choose your style

    Choose from our selection of colors and styles to create your custom frame.

  3. 03. Customize your frame

    Customize the size, mat options, glass type and hanging choices to fit your needs.

  4. 04. Preview & order

    Preview your frame in real time before finalizing your order and sending it off to our framing experts to create and ship.


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