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Faux Watercolor Art

March 09, 2022

Creating watercolor art is such a unique experience in trying to tame an element that naturally spreads. Watercolor artists spend lots of time trying to perfect their technique to create beautiful florals, landscapes or abstract pieces. But we’re here to share a way to capture the same beautiful watercolor effect in a much shorter time frame. Learn how to create faux watercolor art using basic washable markers and a plastic food storage bag. Frame these water-based pieces of art in minimalist style frames, like our Bianca frame, to allow the art to stand out, while still providing a contemporary look in your home.

Faux Watercolor Art Supplies


Faux Watercolor Art Step 1

First, cover your work surface. Lay your food storage bag down flat and color on it with your washable markers to lay the color down. Experiment with different color palettes, like rainbows, cool colors or warm colors.

Faux Watercolor Art Step 2

Fill your water bottle up and spray some water on the bag covered in marker. This will add droplets to the plastic and possibly plenty some colors. 

Faux Watercolor Art Step 3

Place a piece of watercolor paper over the bag and press or rub down to capture all the marker material. Lift straight up and if any colors are starting to pool, dab with a paper towel to slow that pooling effect.  

Faux Watercolor Art Final

Once dry, you can frame it as is, or take a step further and put it in your printer and print a phrase of your choice onto the paper. If you want to create this exact project, you can download our Look for Stars PDF listing in our supplies.

Faux Watercolor Art

The thin molding of our Bianca frame is perfect for these colorful faux watercolor pieces as the minimalist style allows your art to stand out in your home.

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